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This is site of authors Taige Crenshaw, McKenna Jeffries and Talia Carmichael.


 I write under multiple pen names. Each name is very distinct in my mind.

So just a little about my trio of alter egos. Yep I write under three names. 🙂 I’m about to give you a brief overview of all of them.

They all crazy…they are. They don’t let me sleep and are nuttier than a fruit cake. They’re like trying to train a cat and anyone with cats know they do what they want and you’re just go with what they want. Yeah you have no control over them. So besides being crazy here are some insights into them. This is from the post I did on each of my alter egos blog.

McKenna Jeffries is my sensual, sassy pen name. She is the misbehavior maker. 🙂 She was also my first pseudonym. She has been writing longer than all the other names.

Taige Crenshaw is my sizzling, sassy and adventurous pen name. She is the mayhem maker. 🙂 She came along second.

Talia Carmichael is my fills the craving and has spice, laughter and loads of fun with that pen name. She is the mischief maker. She came along third.

So that’s the short version about my alter egos. Sometimes on their individual sites I might cross-post stuff for all the alter egos. Mostly through they all have their own sites, blogs and social media. As mentioned they are distinct in my mind.


This site is a combination of all of the alter egos an information. There's also blog which has updates for all my alter egos, go here to blog.

If you are interested in the longer explanation about my alter egos read


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Scribes Unleashed Crew

Join the Scribes Unleashed Crew. The Scribes Unleashed Crew is the street team for all my alter egos—Taige Crenshaw, McKenna Jeffries and Talia Carmichael. There will be weekly missions for all my alter egos and you can pick and choose which you do. There will be 1 weekly winner for participation in the missions. This will be posted the following month after the missions. So if interested in joining go here - Scribes Unleashed Crew.
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Scribes Unleashed Review Team


Join the team. The Scribes Unleashed Review Team is for all my alter egos. This is for those readers who may want to get a book, an ARC or it could be a backlist book that will be from any of my alter egos. The specific ARC or backlist book will be offered in exchange for an honest review. This is a list and you will be sent an email when there is a book or books being offered as ARC.


Just to clarify, if you join the list, there will be offers for books to review from all the alter egos —Taige Crenshaw, McKenna Jeffries and Talia Carmichael. When an ARC or backlist book is offered you can pick from which ones you want to receive. Just follow the specific details/guidelines on the ARC being offered . This means you can follow the guidelines from all author, some of them or all of them if you want too. This is your choice based on your interest. The books vary from Taige and McKenna writing contemporary to romantic suspense/mystery to paranormal to urban fantasy to sci-fi with male/female or ménage characters as well as some are interracial and multicultural. Or Talia who writes male/male with contemporary to romantic suspense/mystery to paranormal to urban fantasy to sci-fi. There is a variety of genres as well as various series.


~ As part of the team book/books are sent to you for an honest review.

~ Each author will state what title they are requesting a review for and those title(s) are what is up for review at the time.

~ Each time when a request for a review is posted and if you want to review book you will need to follow the directions set by the author. You can request from any author you choose. Meaning you can request from all authors posting at time and the title(s) being offered if you want too or just one. It’s up to you and your interests.

~ If applicable each author will provide their own timeframes for when they want reviews completed.

~ Each time there is a request for review and when you request a book for review before you can get another book for review you will need to submit the link where you reviewed the previous book. If you don’t have a link or don’t provide the link you will not get a book for review.

Note: This doesn’t apply if this is your first time requesting a book to review. Once you have then you will need to follow above. This is applicable for each individual author on an individual basis. IE. If you request a book to review from Taige then the next time you request a book for review then you will need to provide the link for review. The same would go for McKenna and Talia.

If you're still interested in joining the Scribes Unleashed Review Team join the list below.

We look forward to your joining the Scribes Unleashed Review Team.




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