Free Reads

If you are reading this you are probably on the newsletter subscriber list. If you aren’t on list then the below wouldn’t affect you.

For the free reads there are two series set in fictional shared worlds for the free reads. These will be shared worlds for my alter egos.

Note: When shared worlds is stated it means there will be multiple series set in the same place, book may have overlapping characters, sometimes timelines, themes, and etc.

For these shared worlds Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries will be co-writing books for both series. Talia Carmichael will be writing books for both series.

Palmer is the setting of the books in the contemporary series.

Note: The series names will be announced soon.

There will be a paranormal series the books will be set in.

Note: The fictional city and series names for each series will be announced soon.

The books within the series will be either Exclusive for chat group members and each authors newsletter subscribers (ie. will only be posted there and in facbeook group eventually when itโ€™s ready for download) or available to everyone (ie. will be posted website, fb group, in newsletter, on fb, blog and all social media). Any book that are exclusive will state it’s exclusive.

At this time when these books are written the newsletter subscriber will get the books first. Yes you heard me, the newsletter subscribers will get to read the books first.

These books will be sent a chapter a week rotating between the contemporary and paranormal series.

Here is example of what that means. When current books start to post.

This is an example only using if contemporary series starts posting first and amount of chapters.

The chapter of a book that is posting in that specific newsletter will be sent to each individual newsletter once a week on a rotating basis between the series.

Week 1 – Contemporary Series

Week 2 – Paranormal Series

Week 3- Contemporary Series

Week 4 – Paranormal Series

Continues on until book is fully posted.

Basically this means newsletter subscribers will get chapter to read weekly that will rotate between the two series. This will be until the books are completed.

Once the books are completed the following will happen.

Non-Exclusive books – at authors discretion a link to download book will be shared at various places (chat group, newsletter, social media and etc.)

Exclusive books – at authors discretion a link to download book will be shared to chat group and newsletter subscribers only

Iโ€™m so excited for newsletter subscribers to get the exclusive first reads of the books. The worlds for these books will be, as mentioned a shared world between my alter egos.

Although Taige Crenshaw and McKenna Jeffries will be co-writing books for both series there will be a different book posted at the same time in their individual newsletter. Yep that means there will be two books in each of the series co-written posted at the same time but in each of their individual newsletters. Once completed the books will be made available as stated above.

Talia Carmichael will also have a different book posting in her newsletter for both series.

If you prefer not to wait you can join any of the newsletters so you can get the books as they are being posted chapter by chapter. Just click on any of names above and join their newsletter.

At this time these fictional cities Palmer (contemporary series) and paranormal series (name of city to be announced soon) were created for these free reads.

Enjoy the adventures of these cities and the characters you’ll meet.