Mugs is one of my favorite things to collect. I’m a proud mug collector. 🙂 Let’s just say I have a lot (I’m understating how many. LOL). I love inspiration and  I’ve been writing and posting these for years and called them by various names and will be using those as well as the many more I have too. Now decided to bring together my love of mugs and loving inspiration together…


That’s what I think of them as. If you’re here you’ve probably seen my Mugspiration somewhere. I hope they inspire you and tempt you to enjoy a mug of your favorite beverage.

I’m mostly a tea drinker. 😉 But I can be persuaded with hot chocolate, alcohol, cappuccino, or….well lets just say I’m flexible. LOL.

Mugspiration can be motivating, naughty, funny or anything at all.  🙂 Enjoy the Mugspiration whenever or wherever you see them!

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