Alchemy and Arcana Available for Pre-Order Now!

Haven’t had a chance to post this here yet. If you are part of my newsletter you saw it weeks ago.

I’m super excited to share some news with you. An upcoming release that is now available for pre-order. And this is for both sides of me. I have a few series coming that will be co-written by both sides of me.

The box set is 22 Urban Fantasy stories. My story is titled, Crimson Rayne. This will be part of a new series. I hope you pre-order the upcoming box set. Here is cover for the upcoming release from both my alter egos Taige Crenshawย andย McKenna Jeffries. So excited!

Alchemy and Arcana

Alchemy and Arcana: PREORDER – Only $0.99!!

The Alchemy and Arcana boxed set contains an incredible 22 URBAN FANTASY STORIES, including works by NYT and USA Today bestselling authors!

Enter this supernatural world of magic and adventure, filled with demons and ghosts, vampires and witches, angels and shifters, and so much more. Once you step inside, you may never want to leave.

Grab the Alchemy and Arcana boxed set at a discounted price for a limited time only!

Preorder Alchemy and Arcana today for your copy!

Pre-Order for $0.99

Preorder Alchemy and Arcana

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