Talia Carmichael ~ 2019 Book Releases

These are books I released in 2019!

So many great adventures.

Many more to come in 2020!

Worth the Risk, Encounters, Book 3
Anticipation, Something in Common, NY Book 1
Inferno, Zenith, Book 1
Risk it All, Rowan, Book 2
Wicked Intentions, Bonds of Justice, Book 1
Detour, Something in Common, Book 1
Wicked Alliance, Bonds of Justice, Book 2
Sparks, Something in Common, Book 2
Wicked Pursuit, Bonds of Justice, Book 3
Resonate, Something in Common, Book 3
Wicked Defense, Bonds of Justice, Book 4
Irresistible, Something in Common, Book 4
Reckless Behavior, Impressions, Book 1
Trouble, Something in Common, Book 5
Chances, Something in Common, Book 6
A Tender Roughness, Impressions, Book 2
Magnetism, Something in Common, Book 7
Opposing Rhythms, Impressions, Book 3
One Good Man, Impressions, Book 4
Slow Burn, Impressions, Book 5
Best Laid Intentions, Impressions, Book 6
The Law of Desire, Encounters, Book 1
Ralston’s Way, Prentiss, Book 1
Long Hard Ride, Prentiss, Book 2
Opposites Attract, Prentiss, Book 3
Holiday Complication, Rowan, Book 12
Unbound Reaction, Prentiss, Book 4
No Commitment Necessary, Encounters, Book 2

There they are the books I released this year!

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