McKenna Jeffries ~ 2020 Book Releases List

McKenna Jeffries ~ 2020 Book Releases List

This is list of 2020 books.

I figured it would be easier to have a list of releases I have this year.

I will be updating this throughout the year. 🙂

Below is in release order by month (starts from Jan and goes throughout the year).

Link provided is universal link which will have where you can get the book.

Dark Seduction, Dark Legacy, Book 1
Seducing Dare, Impulse, Book 5
Lay Me Down, Club Immortality, Book 1
Reunion Favor, Rowan, Book 13
Dark Rapture, Dark Legacy , Book 3
Burning Touch, Club Immortality, Book 3
Unexpected Chance, Rowan, Book 15
Dangerous Chance, Law and Protection, Book 3
Unpredictable Dare, Impulse, Book 7
Dangerous Timing, Law and Protection, Book 5
Surrendering Dare, Impulse, Book 9
Because of Rafael, Trescott Cove, Book 1
Silk and Shadows, Club Immortality, Book 5
Wicked Impulse, Rowan, Book 17
Hard to Resist, Zander Oaks, Book 6
Resurrection, Savoy Valley Book #1
Going for It, Zander Oaks, Book #8
Ultimate Risk, Rowan, Book #19

**Last updated Dec 2020**

**Note: Some of series order may have been changed for series order check book for series order.**

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