Scribes Unleashed Insider ~ Favorite Things 6/12/22

I have many favorite things and I’ve talked about them in various places. This is an insider view to my favorite things. I’m sharing with you some of my favorite things.


Love Tea! Here’s some of them.

You might even have heard or will hear my love of it. Tea is my jam!

Give me some high fives for some tea love.  Finding different ones to try is my favorite thing.

And another thing I love is coconut. So this tea is a win win for me. Every time I pour that hot water over the tea my mouth waters for it. And as usual it’s delicious.

I love it! I get many when I buy them. Strangely they don’t seem to last too long. Hmmm…might be because I drink them so fast. LOL.

Share with me here or on social media some of your favorite teas.

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